Before Your Appointment

Before your appointment: Paperwork

Once you have made an appointment, you will receive some forms to collect your general health history and perhaps details about your specific concerns. You should return the forms in the enclosed postage-paid envelope. You have almost certainly filled out forms like these many times (perhaps frantically while sitting in a waiting room) and may wonder why you have to often answer the same questions on several pages, what some of the questions actually mean, or whether anyone actually looks at these forms at all. You will find that the forms you receive from Anne Marie do not ask the same questions over and over, and you can feel free to simply circle any questions you are unsure of.  Since Anne Marie will review your health history with you in person, you can be sure that these questions are resolved and that Anne Marie obtains a good understanding of your health history.

Before your appointment: Charges

Once you make your appointment, we will determine what services and tests your visit is likely to include and we will collect any health insurance information. You’ll receive a letter confirming your appointment and it will include an estimate of your payment for the services and tests, and whether we will be able to send billing information to your insurance, whether we can assist you with filing for reimbursement from your insurance benefits yourself, or whether you may qualify for discounted fees for direct payment of charges. While other health care providers may have contracts with insurance carriers that handle all of the billing, it often prevents you from knowing in advance what your portion of the cost will be and this may affect your treatment. Anne Marie hopes that her lower fees will be reasonable for all patients with or without insurance billing, wants you to make informed decisions about your care, and prefers to keep insurance carriers out of your medical decision making.