Annual Exams

As a Women’s Healthcare Nurse Practitioner, Annual Exams are one of Anne Marie’s specialties. Also known as a “Well-Woman Exam” or “GYN Exam”, it is a routine (that is, not due to a problem) office visit expected to include a pelvic exam, a breast exam, brief medical history and discussion of birth control. Anne Marie knows there’s more to a woman’s body and follows through on that belief by taking a thorough medical history, reviewing your body systems, and conducting a general exam. Anne Marie can spend this time, up to an hour with each patient, because her office is uniquely focused on working with each individual’s needs.

Working for your health

It’s an investment of your time and money to have your Annual. What are you used to getting out of that investment? Waiting? Discomfort? Guilt Trips? That is not what you will find waiting for you upon arrival for your Annual at Anne Marie Moore’s. It’s your time and every moment in Anne Marie’s office will be spent on your health, with a gentle women’s health expert who wants to work with you to make sure you receive the care you require.

Would you be getting a better value if you were seen the moment you arrived, had a non-judgmental discussion of your health, a gentle exam, and could feel comfortable enough to really talk about your concerns knowing your privacy was secure? Would you be more likely not to put it off next time? Would your health improve? We’re counting on it.

Anne Marie accomplishes all of this by having an office where she can see you right at your appointment time for as long as needed, years of experience in gentle exams, and a matchless combination of nursing, counseling, and primary care education that allows her to always truly listen to and understand what you have to say.